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Preparing and Repairing America in the Face of Disaster

Follow the story of Resilience Force in the new Netflix series Immigration Nation

episode 4: the new normal

Saket Soni, Resilience Force staff and resilience workers across Florida show how immigrant workers are on the front lines of climate disasters: making recovery possible and rebuilding America.

What is Resilience Force?

DISASTERS are now a fact of life in America. Every year, they increase in frequency and impact. Disasters are changing all of our lives, and no one is more important in shaping how we plan for them than the people we depend on to prepare, respond and recover. It’s the work of the Resilience Workforce that allows us to adapt and thrive. RESILIENCE FORCE is a national initiative to transform America’s response to disasters by strengthening and securing America’s Resilience Workforce—the millions of people whose work, heart and expertise make sustainable recovery from disasters possible.

RESILIENCE FORCE works with community advocates and forward-thinking leaders in government, labor, the private sector and philanthropy to rewrite the rules of recovery.

A strong and active Resilience Workforce is vital to helping America’s cities and towns solve the many challenges that disasters pose and build thriving economies and inclusive communities as they do it.

By devising and implementing solutions to support the Resilience Workforce, Resilience Force and our partners are ensuring a more effective and equitable approach to disaster preparation, response, recovery and rebuilding.
The people who make up our country’s Resilience Workforce are now coming together—to be heard and to be counted, and to remove the barriers that hold them back from helping America rebuild.

The Resilience Workforce includes firefighters and other responders who limit the damage and harm caused by disasters as they emerge, as well as health care workers who assess needs and help the people most impacted. They are day care workers caring for children so their parents can return to work during recovery, and counselors who help impacted communities heal and rebuild social ties.
The Resilience Workforce includes people who start makeshift food pantries, check in regularly on their elderly neighbors and get the word out to displaced people when local housing and jobs become available.

It also includes those with more formal work roles. Some in the Resilience Workforce have secure and protected jobs, but far too many are under-paid and overlooked—they are people whose vital work is ignored, and whose humanity is threatened at every step.

Resilience workers include construction workers who fortify buildings in preparation for disasters, as well as reconstruction workers who rebuild homes and office buildings after disasters strike.


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Funder briefing

Watch Saket Soni Present the Resilience Force policy, organizing and media strategy for COVID-19 and increasingly frequent and forceful

Immigrants are Essential

Immigrants are essential. Without immigrant Americans, there is no essential workforce in America. Health care and child care. Farming and food systems. Construction and manufacturing. We are working with artists to make these stories known. True stories of immigrant essential workers on the front lines of both COVID-19 and climate disaster—making recovery possible.

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