Saket Soni

Saket Soni is a labor organizer and human rights strategist. He is founder and director of Resilience Force, a national initiative to transform America’s response to natural disasters by strengthening and securing America’s resilience workforce. As director, Saket crafts the organization’s advocacy and media strategy, and provides strategic counsel to social justice advocates and government officials across the country.

Resilience Force follows a 12-year record of successful advocacy in the post-Katrina Gulf Coast.

After Hurricane Katrina, in 2006, Saket co-founded the New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice. Under his leadership, the organization won organizing and policy victories for both U.S.-born and immigrant workers engaged in the reconstruction of New Orleans. Saket led the organization to win precedent-setting National Labor Relations Board decisions protecting migrant whistleblowers on the front lines of the hospitality and seafood industries from retaliatory firings and blacklisting. In New Orleans, he also crafted campaigns to win pathways into the publicly funded construction industry for African American workers. Saket led a combined organizing and legal strategy to combat human trafficking, which resulted in a federal court awarding over $14 million in damages to migrant resilience workers rebuilding the Gulf Coast. In 2011, Saket founded the National Guestworker Alliance, an organization focused on defending the human rights and dignity of guestworkers in America.

Saket is recognized as a national expert on post-disaster economies, immigrant rights and the future of work. He was profiled as an “architect of the next labor movement” in USA Today, and he has testified before Congress and at the United Nations. Saket’s advocacy efforts have been featured on NPR, in Time, and on the front page of The New York Times. His writings have appeared in the L.A. TimesThe Hill, The NationLatino JournalTalking Points Memo and on

Saket co-authored And Injustice For All: Workers’ Lives In the Reconstruction, the most comprehensive report on race in the reconstruction of the post-Katrina Gulf Coast, as well as Never Again: Lessons of the Gustav Evacuation, an account of the inequities in the response to Hurricane Gustav in 2009, which led to new state policies and new norms for evacuating the most vulnerable residents in preparation for disaster.

Saket began his career as a community organizer in Chicago at the Coalition of African, Asian, European, and Latino Immigrants of Illinois. He is originally from New Delhi, India.

Our Staff

Chief Operating Officer

Advisor, Worker Engagement

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Jeff Pinzino

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff has spent more than 20 years working for racial and economic justice, first as a community organizer, then as a funder, and for the past 8 years as a professional fundraiser and nonprofit manager. He has managed fundraising for groups such as People’s Action, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, and Midwest Academy. At Resilience Force, Jeff coordinates staff management, finance, fundraising and organizational development. He lives on the south side of Chicago.

Daniel Castellanos

Advisor, Worker Engagement

Daniel arrived in the U.S. under exploitative conditions as an H-2B guestworker after Hurricane Katrina. He began organizing with other guestworkers in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, and helped found the National Guestworker Alliance (NGA), a national membership organization that fights for dignified work and just migration. As a Research Associate at NGA, he works to improve workplace conditions for migrant workers by investigating questions of workplace standards enforcement. Daniel is a recognized expert on U.S. guestworker programs, consults regularly with U.S. policymakers and has testified before Congress on effective enforcement models within the U.S. Department of Labor. He also advises Resilience Force on worker engagement. Daniel is from Peru and is the proud father of two teenagers.

Cynthia S Hernandez

Senior Manager – Florida Strategy

Cynthia began her career as a researcher and instructor at Florida International University (FIU) in 2006. Her research interests include issues at the intersection of labor and immigration, with a focus on wage theft. Her numerous research and publications led to the creation of several county-wide anti-wage theft ordinances throughout Florida, which have helped recover millions of dollars of unpaid wages. After nearly ten years of public service at FIU, Cynthia became the Executive Director of the South Florida American Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO). In that capacity, Cynthia led several coalitions to win higher wages and benefits for low-income families in Miami-Dade County, and lobbied for equitable development and progressive immigration legislation. At Resilience Force, Cynthia is tracking changing conditions and regulations affecting Resilience Workers. Cynthia is from Mexico, having immigrated to the U.S. at the age of five. She lives in Miami, Florida.

Javiera (Javi) Alarcon

Program Officer

Javiera (Javi) joined the National Guestworker Alliance in September 2016 and she is currently a Program Office at Resilience Force. She is a believer in participatory democracy and has developed a deep understanding of social justice through previous work at the Stewart R. Mott Foundation, and the Institute for Policy Studies. She is passionate about empowering marginalized people, ensuring equal opportunities and maintaining a strong commitment to the opposition of oppression. At Resilience Force, Javi supports collaborations with workers, including in-person trainings and deeper engagement with Resilience Workers.. She lives in the Washington, D.C. area.

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