This webinar explores policy change and movement building based on recommendations in a new report by The New Florida Majority and Resilience Force — A People’s Framework for Disaster Response: Rewriting the Rules of Recovery after Climate Disasters.
The conversation includes co-sponsors: Center for Disaster Philanthropy, Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR), and Neighborhood Funders Group.

Looking for National Guestworker Alliance? Most of NGA’s work is now part of Resilience Force.

If you have a specific question about guestworkers,
email Daniel Castellanos, dcastellanos@guestworkeralliance.org

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Follow the story of Resilience Force in the new Netflix series Immigration Nation

episode 4: the new normal

Saket Soni, Resilience Force staff and resilience workers across Florida show how immigrant workers are on the front lines of climate disasters: making recovery possible and rebuilding America.