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Our Letter to Governor Whitmer about Midland Dam Resilience Workers

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When communities are devastated by a natural disaster, essential workers come and help rebuild them. Their work has never been easy, but the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbates the dangers they face.

The floods in Michigan were the first climate disaster during the COVID-19 pandemic and must serve as an example to other governments who are bracing themselves for hurricane or wildfire season, while continuing to combat a surge of coronavirus cases.

Read our letter below to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer requesting the opportunity to meet with her to share more about the experience of resilience workers in Michigan and discuss how governments and companies can protect workers and communities after climate disasters during the pandemic.

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Looking for National Guestworker Alliance? Most of NGA’s work is now part of Resilience Force.

If you have a specific question about guestworkers,
email Daniel Castellanos, dcastellanos@guestworkeralliance.org