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“Know Your Rights” & Other Helpful Information and Advice

Whether you work in construction, food delivery, transport, health, counseling or any other role in recovery, you need to be able to protect yourself and care for yourself. You deserve to feel confident about the work you’re doing, and feel safe.

This guide is for both immigrants and U.S.-born Resilience Workers. It provides important information about your legal rights, and information for dealing with employers, getting help if you are not treated fairly, securing housing and other helpful advice and resources.

A Handout About Resilience Force

What is Resilience Force? How can you talk to other people about it?

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Follow the story of Resilience Force in the new Netflix series Immigration Nation

episode 4: the new normal

Saket Soni, Resilience Force staff and resilience workers across Florida show how immigrant workers are on the front lines of climate disasters: making recovery possible and rebuilding America.